About Steve

Hi, I am Steve, your personal guide to the exciting world of making money online.DSC_0272 - Copy

I have been in sales for more than 30 years.  I’ve had the chance to delve into just about every area and arena of sales you can think of – retail, wholesale, insurance, door-to-door, cold calling, phone center calls, etc.

The future of sales, however, is the internet.  People can buy literally billions of products without ever having to leave home to do so.  Major retail outlets are clambering to get their businesses on the web due to the fierce competition by online businesses such as Amazon.com.

Billions of dollars are spent by online consumers every year and I simply decided one day that I want to have a “piece of that pie, too.

I really enjoy working on and building my online businesses and am having a great time doing it.  It is something I’ve wanted to do for years but always held back.  “Why?”, you may ask.  Because of all the “get rich quick” scams that are on the internet.

My purpose for this website is very simple and just two-fold: to  expose online, money making scams to you and to promote legitimate companies that you can safely connect with to start your own online business.

Please feel free to stop by and visit here as often as you can.  I truly hope that what you will find on the pages of this website will be helpful to you and will also motivate you to take the step to build your own business online.