Symptoms of Get-Rich-Quick Scams

One of the initial steps a physician will take in order to accurately diagnose an illness or disease is to ask what symptoms the patient is experiencing.  Of course since certain symptoms may be shared by a variety of illnesses, the doctor doesn’t make his diagnosis based only on the symptoms.  He or she may also order tests or lab work to be done in order to pinpoint the patient’s health problem.  For example, a doctor may order a throat culture to be done for a patient experiencing severe throat pain in order to determine whether or not they have strep throat.  The patient’s symptoms may be indicative of strep but the culture will more accurately determine if that is indeed the case.

What we need to understand is that deceptive scams that are designed to rob us usually appear to be legitimate.  That’s what makes them so successful.  So, how can we tell those scams apart from offers and opportunities that are, in fact, legitimate?  By learning to recognize symptoms that are common to most scams.

Most scams promise us huge rewards while at the same time minimizing the time, skill, effort and financial investment it takes to reap those rewards.  The old adage holds true here: “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!”

The scam may appear in your email, on an infomercial, in a magazine or newspaper, or on a particular website.  Regardless of where or how they present themselves they will still share the same common symptoms.  What are they?  Let’s take a look.

An internet scam, for example, may promote a “secret formula” to successful affiliate marketing.  The claim made by the scam is that this “Get-Rich-Quick” opportunity doesn’t require any IT experience of marketing skills on your part and they will promise you an unrealistic (and laughable) timeframe in which you can make hundreds of thousands of dollars.  These scams will usually use catchy titles and phrases, as well as catchy images associated with luxury and wealth to draw you into the scam.  They typically will also require paying sign up fees, some of which can be pretty exorbitant.  Yet another symptom to watch out for is if the “opportunity” being extended to you implies that you will need to buy their book, CD’s, or other “training materials” in order for you to succeed in using their system.

Well here’s my question for these “Get-Rich-Quick, I Can’t Lose” people – if your system is that good, why not offer it with no risk to the consumer?  How about zero initial investment to have access to their system and training materials?  How about a free trial period to use it all at no cost?  I don’t think that’s unreasonable.  Do you?

In my search for such a refreshing opportunity I have only come across one company (so far) that actually does that – Wealthy Affiliate.  They make no initial investment demands.  Thy actually give you free access to their site and program.  Give you the ability to establish your own domains  (websites) at no cost to you and provide you will all the training you need to get an online affiliate marketing program going.  And the most refreshing thing of all – they make no empty, unrealistic promises of instant wealth if you use them!

Can you get rich if you use their system?  Yes.  Can you do that without putting in the work?  Without putting in the time and effort in takes to build our niche market and succeed?   No, of course not!

Remember – “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!”  Don’t take the bait.

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